We want you to join our team and help grow the Mavia game and ecosystem. Join an exclusive group of Mavia creators and influencers and earn exciting rewards.

Join The Mavia Creator Program

Apply to become a Mavia Creator by filling out our application form.


Calling All Web3/Gaming Influencers

Each team that competes in Mavia Elite will have their members create content, memes, art and engage in the community.

Mobile Gaming Content Creators





Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok

Mobile gaming creators who can showcase Mavia gameplay and strategy content.

NFT Influencers



Twitter/YouTube Influencers

Influencers who have a large following in the NFT space and can grow awareness about Mavia.

Web3 Influencers



Twitter/YouTube Influencers

Web3 influencers who can help grow awareness for the Mavia ecosystem.

Earn Exclusive Rewards, Gear and Perks.

Depending on the type of creator category you are in, you can earn different types of rewards.

In-Game Items

Creators have the opportunity to receive exclusive in-game items and perks.

Sapphire Pack Boosts

Select partners will be able to use a creator code and share a portion of the Sapphire in-app purchase revenue.

NFT/Token Rewards

For select program partners, there can be a NFT or Token reward given for their participation as a creator.

Mavia Merch

Get your hands on awesome Mavia merch for you and some of your favorite followers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the type of rewards I get?

Each creator is different and offered a unique perk plan for joining the creator program.

Can I invite other creators to the program and earn additional rewards?

Yes, we are offering an additional bonus if you are referred by a friend or refer another creator to the program.

What do I need to do to get accepted into the Creator Program?

Simply apply to the program using the form link above, and if our team is interested in having you join the program we will reach out to you using the contact information you provided.

How long will the Creator Program last?

The Creator Code program is designed to be a long-term cooperation that is beneficial for the Mavia game and the members of the program.

What are the requirements to enter the program?

It depends on the type of creator, but generally we look for a minimum of 5K+ followers on major social media channels like Twitter or YouTube.

Do you accept creators from any country?

Yes, generally we accept creators into the program from all around the world, including all languages.