Join an Elite team as an ambassador, compete against other teams by creating content that promotes Mavia, get rewarded!


Mavia Elite Team Applications Currently Being Accepted

Teams can now apply to get accepted into the Mavia Elite Program.


Teams Compete in Four Areas

Each team that competes in Mavia Elite will have their members create content, memes, art and engage in the community.

Content Creation

30% Pool Weight

Help the Mavia community grow organically by creating original content on YouTube, TikTok, Medium, X and more.

Community Engagement

35% Pool Weight

Strengthen the Mavia community channels through helpful dialogue and engagement on Discord, X and more.

Art and Graphics

25% Pool Weight

Demonstrate your team's creative ability by creating Mavia-themed art, drawings, graphics and other creatives for the community.

Meme Creation

10% Pool Weight

Show your team's funny side by creating memes for our community to enjoy and share on social media.

View past and present Mavia Elite teams

Each team that competes in Mavia Elite will have their members create content, memes, art and engage in the community.

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View past and present Mavia Elite teams

How many teams are able to participate in the Mavia Elite program?

The number of teams we select to allow entrance into the program varies each month (season) and will be announced during the application process.

Can my team have more than 10 people?

Each team will receive rewards for up to 10 people, so we recommend keeping your team size at exactly 10 members to equally compete against other teams. Rewards will be delivered to each player individually.

Who will vote for the winning teams?

The vote will be done by our moderator team as well as an anonymous panel of judges. All team scores will be recorded and publicly viewable. The community response to the art, content, memes and engagement from teams is factored into the vote decision for each judge.

Who will distribute the rewards to the team members?

We will be delivering rewards directly to each winning team member through their Mavia account. Your email and wallet address will not be given to the moderators, but instead can be entered directly into the signup form privately and securely.

Do the Captains receive any additional rewards or perks?

Captains receive the same reward as all of their team members. However, their name will be permanently marked as the leader of their team on the Mavia Elite webpage, and they will also be recognized as the main organizer of their team's success.

Can I switch teams after I join one?

If you already joined a team and were accepted into the Mavia Elite program, you must stay in that team for the remainder of the season. The following season, you will be able to switch teams if you wish to.

Where can I learn more about Mavia Elite?

Join the Discord to learn about Mavia Elite and how to get involved!