The first AAA Blockchain Base Builder Game

Command Your Army To Victory

Build your base, grow your army and earn RUBY by conquering enemy bases throughout Mavia.

Build your base to defend against enemy invaders

Your base is your home, and must be defended at all costs. Strategically build walls, deploy turrets, and place traps in order to keep enemies away from your precious Gold, Oil and RUBY loot.

Build your base to defend against enemy invaders

Lead an army of infantry, vehicle and air units

Choose from over twelve different infantry, vehicle and air units to attack rival bases with. Each unit has specific strengths and weaknesses, making strategic planning essential before beginning the battle with your opponent.

Lead an army of infantry, vehicle and air units

Earn RUBY and other in-game resources

You can earn RUBY by winning offensive battles, successfully defending your base, removing base obstacles, completing challenges and much more. Gold and Oil are additional in-game resources which your base produces, and your army can steal from opponents’ bases.

Earn RUBY and other in-game resources

Upgrade your Base, Hero and Statue NFTs

Use RUBY to upgrade your NFTs in the game, increasing their value. Bases can only be grown by upgrading the HQ level with RUBY. Heroes help your army attack opponents and defend your base. Statues enhance your base performance.

Upgrade your Base, Hero and Statue NFTs

So Much More Than Just a Game

The Mavia ecosystem provides a full suite of tools that make for an uniquely immersive experience.

Cutting-Edge NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell and rent NFTs on the Mavia marketplace without leaving the game

Live Battle Streaming & Replays

With Mavia battle replays, you can live-stream battles, as well as replay any battle from the past.

Base Partnership Manager

Generate passive income and manage your base partnerships using Mavia’s advanced partnership management tools.

Global Player Rankings & Stats

View any players rankings and property, learn from their strategies and claim your glory on the Mavia leaderboards.

Cutting-Edge NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell and rent NFTs on the Mavia marketplace without leaving the game

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Skrice Studio Team

Yvan F.

Executive Producer

Nhan C.


Tristan C.

Managing Director

Nam H.


Julian D.

CG Supervisor

Michael D.

Lead Concept Artist

Quynh T.

2D Art Lead

Hugo C.

Lead Animator

Mai V.

Frontend Lead

Ha D.

Project Manager

Eric Rivera, Advisor

FaZe Clan ®

Coming from a professional gaming background, I was searching for the first big title that will bring the masses to GameFi. Blockchain gaming is only just beginning, and I believe Mavia is well-positioned to lead this space and demonstrate the importance of combining AAA quality graphics, addictive gameplay and a strong economic model for play-to-earn currencies.

We're Just Getting Started

The Mavia roadmap outlines groundbreaking new developments planned for the game and ecosystem.

Community Created



Land NFT Sale



Internal Alpha Testing



Public Beta Launch



Mavia Launch



New in Mavia

Important Mavia Updates — Land NFT Supply, Free-to-Play, Heroes and more!

We are excited to share these important updates to all of our Mavia Land owners and community members.

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Mavia Land NFT Soft-Staking

We are proud to introduce Land NFT Soft-Staking, a new concept created by our team at Skrice Studios that allows any Land NFT owner to stake their land and earn rewards without the need to pay gas or give up control of the NFT token.

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Mavia Land Owner Manual — Roadmap, Benefits and More!

We would first like to congratulate all of our new Mavia Land NFT holders! Our mint was a massive success, reaching a ranking of #8 on the 24-hour OpenSea volume charts within 12 hours of mint!

Learn more

Mavia NFT Minting Walkthrough

This tutorial will guide you through the minting process for the Mavia Land NFT mint. Please note that this minting process is very similar to the one which will be used in future mints, such as Mavia Hero and Statue NFTs for example.

Learn more

Heroes of Mavia Secures $2.5 Million Strategic Funding Led By Capital

We are proud to announce the closing of our $2.5 million strategic funding round led by Capital. This round also saw participation from Hashkey Capital, Merit Circle, GuildFi, YGG SEA, Avocado Guild and several other funds/guilds.

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Official Mavia Land NFT Mint Date and Details

**UPDATE:** The first-ever Land NFT Mint will now begin on Friday, March 4 2022 at 10:00 AM EST (NYC Time).

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The Mavia Elite — A Competitive Ambassador Team Program

Now that Mavia’s very successful Land NFT whitelist program has come to a close, our team is excited to reveal the next opportunity for our community members to get involved in the project and earn rewards.

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Mavia Announces Partnership With Esports Giant Team Queso

Heroes of Mavia is proud to announce our first official esports partnership with the Esports Organization Team Queso.

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Mavia Token and NFT Disclaimers

The purpose of this article is to outline several important disclaimers regarding the Mavia game’s tokens $MAVIA and $RUBY, the Mavia ecosystem and the various NFTs assets available in the game.

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Mavia Announcement — Whitelist, Community Updates

Important Community Update from the Mavia Dev Team:

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Additional Mavia Resources

Download the Mavia Game Deck in over 12 languages, as well as the Mavia Press Kit for branding assets.

Game Deck

Game Deck

Press Kit

Press Kit



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