Mavia Land Settlers Program

The Mavia Island is full of promise, riches and opportunity, and we want you to be a part of it! Apply to be a Mavia Land Settler by joining a pool today.


Check Your Whitelist Status

Enter your wallet address to view your whitelisted land amounts.

Four Unique Whitelist Pools

Choose one or more pools to complete in for a whitelist position. Each pool has unique submission requirements and criteria.

Content Creator

1,350 Whitelist Slots Total

Help the Mavia community grow organically by creating original content on YouTube, TikTok, Medium, Twitter and more.

Community Engagement

1,050 Whitelist Slots Total

Strengthen the Mavia community channels through helpful dialogue and engagement on Discord, Twitter and more.

Art and Memes

450 Whitelist Slots Total

Demonstrate your creative ability by creating Mavia themed art, graphics and memes that our community can enjoy.

Influencers & KOLs

150 Whitelist Slots Total

Leverage your existing social following and success by becoming a land owner and helping to promote the Mavia game.

A unique whitelisting process, focusing on organic growth & engagement.

Organic growth focused

The Mavia development team has always prioritized organic growth, and we want our land owners to be long-term players and partners, not short-term traders looking to make a quick flip.

Quality over quantity

By shifting the entry criteria for land settlers from spammy invites and menial tasks to quality content creation and engagement, we are building a playerbase that has strong fundamentals.

Competitive in nature

Mavia was built to be a highly competitive game from the start. Only the strongest will make it on the island, and now is your chance to earn your piece of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I partake in more than one pool?

Yes, you can submit entries into one pool, or all four pools. However, we want to encourage you to focus on delivering quality rather than quantity. Partaking in more than one pool does not increase your chances of being selected, and we judge you independently in each pool, without considering your work in other pools.

How many land whitelist slots are available?

Only 3,000 whitelist slots are available, and they are divided unevenly between the four pools. Each pool has a certain amount of whitelist slots you are competing for, the largest of which is the content pool, and the smallest is the influencer pool.

Can I edit my submission, or add more to it after I have submitted it?

Yes, each submission uses a Google Form which is able to be edited/added to up until the ending date if the whitelist competition. As long as the whitelist entries have not yet closed, you will be able to submit new entries or edit your past entries. Only one entry is permitted per pool.

What are the prices of land?

Common land is 0.3 ETH, Rare land is 0.6 ETH, and Legendary land is 0.9 ETH.

How will I know if I am selected to be a land settler?

We will be announcing the selected land settlers (whitelist winners) on January 23, 2022. Please stay tuned on the Discord, and check your email as well for updates.