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Legendary Tropical Land

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Land is the most valuable NFT asset type inside of the Mavia ecosystem. Land is required in order to build a base, train an army and attack rival bases in order to earn Gold, Oil and RUBY. Your Land NFT can be used to play the game, but can also be used to form a partnership with another player, or can simply be rented out to others for passive RUBY income via the Mavia marketplace. All land types behave the same in the game, and there is no offensive or defensive advantage to having higher rarity base. Legendary Land is the rarest land type in the game, making up only 10% of the Mavia island. Legendary Land has the most luxorious appearance and highest-quality decorations out of all land types, intimidating the enemies that invade your base, while impressing visitors and touirists who visit your land. Legendary Land also has an extremely high luck-factor when obstacles on the base are removed and an item drop occurs.